Time to repeal taxes

To the Editor:

With the recent news that Minnesota is expected to see a $1 billion budget surplus for the remainder of the 2014-15 biennium, it’s clear that Democrats made a mistake by forcing hardworking Minnesotans to pay more last session.

This $1 billion surplus belongs to the people, not state government. Next session, I’m hopeful our Democratic leadership will stop their wasteful spending habits and focus on smarter spending and eliminating many of their new, unnecessary tax increases.

Of the $1 billion projection, $246 million would be used to pay off the remainder of Minnesota’s school budget shift.

Another $15 million would then be transferred to the state’s airports fund, an area where the Legislature had borrowed money in 2008.

Minnesota’s economic forecast will be updated in February, and that projection will give lawmakers a more accurate idea of our state’s future financial outlook. If Minnesota continues to show a significant surplus following that announcement, I believe legislative leadership must eliminate the sales tax increases forced on Minnesota’s business owners last May.

Fairmont alone lost one industry and the 80 jobs associated with it due to the Democrats’ warehousing tax. That law won’t even take effect until April, yet the mere threat of it forced a company to consolidate its operation in Iowa.

Gov. Mark Dayton also promised at Farmfest to eliminate the sales tax on farm equipment repairs, but that didn’t happen.

If the surplus projection continues, our leadership needs to focus on eliminating these unneeded sales taxes and not finding more new ways to wastefully spend your money.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,