Help teen, help hungry

To the Editor:

Last year, Isaac Landsteiner had a terrific idea for his Eagle Scout project. He arranged for the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” to be shown at the Opera House. No admission fee, just a donation of food for the food shelf or a financial gift for those in need. He won his Eagle Scout award, the people who came loved the movie, and the Christmas spirit filled all those who came.

This young man, now a high school senior, visualizes the real life-concerning daily needs of food shelters. He volunteers his free time at one of the local shelters.

Our country has made tremendous strides in caring for our less fortunate friends, but whatever your feelings, we do have too much hunger in possibly the most capital-intensive country in the world. The people in need face financial barriers in their struggle for equality. So this young man, Isaac, desired to bring healing with good entertainment and food for people who have misfortunes.

The key to our future actually lies within our present. Isaac thought that the next moment spent on this community project could just be the answer to someone’s prayer. God limits our days to make each one precious. Isaac gives us an example of not totally relying on government, but shows that with teamwork, we can bring good entertainment and comfort to those in need. When cuts are made in federal assistance, food shelves will become even more important.

Isaac has done all the work. We can help by attending the movie this Sunday at the Opera House. I’d say that’s a great deal for all of us. Right now, we are being touched by faith and we have a chance to respond. This faith lies here in Fairmont, initiated by our own Isaac Landsteiner. See you on Sunday.

Mike Garry