Help protect animals

To the Editor:

Regarding the article, “Probe: Dogs Forced to Suffer” in the Sentinel on Nov. 21, it is a sad fact that many dogs, cats and other animals suffer and die each year in the name of research. Many of these experiments are duplications of previous results, lax enforcement of existing humane laws, failure to use computer models rather than animal models, or just plain greed.

Class B dealers collect animals from random sources such as “free-to-good-home” ads or by theft and sell them to research facilities. Because pets trust humans and are easy to handle, researchers prefer them.

Please guard our pets from this cruelty. Please have them spayed or neutered to reduce the stray population. Also, contact your U.S. representative and ask that he/she sponsor the “Pet Safety and Protection Act,” H.R. 2224, now before Congress.

When you call a legislator’s office, ask to speak with the staff person handling animal protection issues. Give the name of the bill and its number. Be polite, brief and to the point. Please speak out for the voiceless.

Mary Gail Lau