Et Cetera …

What a great gesture!

Kudos to local volunteers who teamed up last weekend with Martin County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and Hy-Vee to deliver Thanksgiving food baskets to about 60 families with loved ones serving in the military.

The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon group continues to live up to its promise of making sure military families know there are people locally who care about them and understand their sacrifice. We agree wholeheartedly with this effort. Anyone looking for a worthy cause should consider Beyond the?Yellow Ribbon. Send an email to:

Foundation jumps in

Martin County Area Foundation acted quickly this week to offer funds to an upcoming performance at Fairmont Opera House. The foundation is providing money so that a $25 fee per participant can be waived for Prairie Fire Children’s Theater production of “A Christmas Carol.”

This means local children and adults, and perhaps whole families, can take roles in the play without worrying about the financial burden, especially as families contend with the holiday season.

The foundation has offered a wonderful gift to the community. We hope residents turn out for auditions and enjoy the show.

City can’t act after fact

The city of Fairmont has been trying to address blighted properties in town, by committing annual but limited funds to demolition. This helps neighborhoods retain property values and can even revitalize dormant land that has not been contributing to the property tax base.

But the City Council is right on the money by refusing to commit funds after a landowner has gone ahead and demolished a structure. The city can afford to spend some money over time on this effort. It cannot suddenly commit piles of dollars as landowners decide to knock down a bunch of buildings tomorrow.

Who will a ban stop?

A state security panel cannot agree on whether to ban guns at the Minnesota State Capitol and nearby state buildings. Currently, those with permits to carry guns can do so at the Capitol if they notify the state ahead of time. Hundreds of people have done so, without incident.

As always, we are baffled by the notion of banning guns. If someone is intent on doing harm, they will ignore a ban. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens at a given site will be unarmed and unable to stop a lunatic.