Not a ‘humane’ society

To the Editor:

The Nov. 18 letter to the editor “We should protect them” protested the euthanizing of “Buddy” the dog. It stated: “There a lot of good homes out there that would have loved and cared for Buddy.” And: “Animals depend on us to take good care of them. They deserve better treatment than they get from humans.”

I often wonder if the Humane Society has ever considered applying a statement like that to human babies so they would at least get the good treatment that some dogs and cats get.

At least Buddy, I would assume, got a lethal shot that involved a minimum amount of pain. Human babies, however, get their limbs twisted and pulled off, heads crushed or punctured, and torso gouged open with serrated forceps; all the way up to the ninth month of gestation, without the benefit of anesthetics.

This practice is legal, and fiercely defended by the abortion industry and the DFL party – “abortion rights” is in its party platform.

There are over a million couples waiting to adopt a child. We hope and pray that someday America will stop the torturing of babies and become a truly “humane society.”

Phil Drietz