Et Cetera …

We’ll never know truth

One of the ways in which politicians perpetuate government programs is by reinforcing fears about alternatives, including ending the programs. So citizens never really get to know the truth.

A conference committee continues to work on a Farm Bill in Washington. We can’t help but wonder why there must continue be farm subsidies, such as for dairy, sugar and other goods.

In any other realm of business where there is volatility or thin margins, there is innovation or consolidation. Why not in farming?

Go get your flu shots!

It’s cold and flu season. While we know not everyone will heed the advice, we’ll reiterate what health care professionals advise: Get your flu shots!

The shots are safe. They will not give you the flu. They are not perfect in effectiveness, but that is only because the vaccine has to be predicted, and different strains can emerge. Still, a shot is the best defense against flu. Flu shots DO?NOT cause autism. Parents do their children a disservice by falling for wild claims about vaccinations.

Please see your physician or visit one of the several flu clinics held in the area.

Center gets more time

We believe the Truman School Board is on the right track in two ways:?It is worried about the costs of the child care program at the school, but it is also willing to give the program time to rebound.

This week, a committee of board members, community members and child care center staff was formed to work on ideas to improve the center’s bottom line. If the center’s operating deficit can be whittled down or eliminated, the school board is going to look much more favorably on a program that could help “feed” children into the school district.

Looking back at tragedy

It would be wrong to let the weekend pass without acknowledging the events of 50 years ago, when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas. It was a momentous event for people who were young then and who are our valued elders today. They believe the shapes of their lives and the course of the nation changed that day. They may have a valid point about the upheavals of the 1960s, including the Vietnam War, that followed.

In any case, it is right for Americans to remember or learn about the collective shock and loss, and to hope we never face something similar again.