Dog park? Why not here?

The times change and so do people’s tastes and interests. So it is true with their recreational choices and what they would like their cities or counties to offer in terms of amenities.

We would agree that – first and foremost – businesses exist to make products and services that people want. This should always be the starting point when a person or group wants something, be it a donut, shoe or place to be entertained.

At the same time, we acknowledge that cities and counties own land that is dedicated as open space, such as parks. This is a long tradition that could be changed, but we do not think that is likely. If cities and counties own open spaces, then the land should be used in ways that citizens want. That may mean playgrounds, tennis courts, campgrounds or just grass and trees.

One growing area of interest among some residents in Fairmont is a dog park. These are becoming more and more common in the metro area as well as in cities the size of Fairmont. A local group has started a fundraising campaign for a dog park. Members envision a two-acre site separated for large and small breeds, with both able to run free and socialize. Dog parks also are a great way for their owners to meet and enjoy the day.

Given the private fundraising and what we know will be a broader interest in a dog park, we wish the group luck and hope the city will be supportive, as it has been so far. Those interested in getting involved with the movement may email to Or they can call Joe Potter at (507) 236-9976 or Beth Haskins at (605) 310-2390.