Community aids disaster victims

To the Editor:

On behalf of Leonora’s Men and Women Beauty Salon, I would first like to thank the Sentinel for writing the article about my family that was affected by the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

There was an overwhelming response. Thanks to those who came for services and gave generous amounts. A special thanks to church members from St. John Vianney Catholic Church who showed their love for me and my family and who gave generous gifts.

I would like to thank Mary Ellen Mayer for collecting donations from all the beauty operators in town. I appreciate her good deed.

I want to thank the veterans who have served in the Philippines and said they have much compassion for the Filipinos.

One lady who was 92 years old gave generous gifts, and after she gave me the check, she reached into her coat pocket and gave $2. She said she was going to have her hair done and that was to be her tip. She knew that I would tell her to give no tips this time but she said it was better to give to me. I thought she was unique.

I was touched by the love and care from the community that was shown to me and my family in a great time of need. May God bless you all abundantly, whatever you had given will come back a hundred-fold to you. Thanks again.

Leonora Romulo Chadderdon