What a wonderful, kind person

To the Editor:

On Monday evening, Nov. 11, my husband, along with his brother and very ill dad, were on their way to Alpha from Rochester when they hit a deer and totaled the front of the van they were driving on Interstate 90, just east of Fairmont.

It was cold and dark, but when the tow truck driver arrived, she went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my father-in-law was OK and warm enough. Her concern, along with her caring and compassionate attitude, was so appreciated

Even after getting the men to Fairmont, she offered to go to a local motel and get some blankets to keep him warm. And to stay with them until someone came to get them home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the name of the tow truck driver from Richard’s Auto Repair and Towing who showed up to help my family that night, but we wanted to make sure she knows how grateful we are for her assistance.

It’s wonderful to know there are such caring and compassionate people in this world. God bless her.

Chris Reetz