Man, 94, won’t face prison time

FAIRMONT – A 94-year-old Truman man who was facing a criminal vehicular homicide charge has seen the case settled.

Sylvan Arthur Behrens was charged in May of this year following a car crash in Truman that claimed the life of Virginia Murphey, 55, of Truman in February 2012.

The case was scheduled for a probable cause hearing Friday, but the hearing was canceled.

According to prosecutor Troy Timmerman, the case was continued for dismissal because of Behrens’ age and the fact that he is now in a nursing home.

“He recognizes his health conditions, and that there is little chance of him driving again, and it would be difficult for him to appear in court,” Timmerman said.

As part of the settlement, Behrens is unable to operate a motor vehicle and prohibited from committing any more criminal offenses for the next year.

Timmerman said Murphey’s family members were involved in the decision to settle the case.

“They were all consulted through the victim/witness services program in Martin County, and they all agreed,” Timmerman said. “It’s a cautionary tale to evaluate when your parents or grandparents shouldn’t be driving, and there are many factors that can enter into that.”