We should protect them

To the Editor:

Why did it have to end for “Buddy,” the dog that was euthanized? There are a lot of good homes out there that would have loved and cared for Buddy the rest of his life.

Animals depend on us to take good care of them. They deserve better treatment than they get from humans.

We’ve adopted many animals over the years from the Humane Society. Some of these animals were abused in different ways by humans, but given a chance, they turned out fine and happy. They became good companions. If given a chance, Buddy could’ve done the same for someone else.

Animals can and do wonders, like helping the blind, the deaf, the police and many other services, and can sometimes become a lifelong friend. I want to thank Stacie Thompson of the Faribault County Humane Society for being their voice.

Keep it up. Maybe someday people will get the message. We need animals just as much as they need us. Maybe even more so.

Sandy Root