A shameful display

To the Editor:

Let the feeding frenzy begin …

The same group lines up beginning about 8 a.m., laughing and talking at first. Then, as 9 a.m. approaches, the pushing, swearing and loud talking begins.

Minutes before the door opens, shoving to get closer to the front begins and sometimes the pushing becomes forceful. The Salvation Army Food Bank Door opens, the same 10 to 20 people, armed with their own bags, flood the place grabbing all of this and all of that, stripping baskets clean.

Arriving in groups, they have the plundering down pat. She goes for this, he goes for that, arranged ahead of time. In less than 15 minutes, the place is stripped bare.

Some leave, and some even come back a second time. Maybe they missed something.

At 9:30 a.m., an elderly woman arrives, finds a crunched bag of hot dog buns and sighs, “Guess they don’t have much today,” she says.

Why don’t they monitor the food? The debacle is amazing. The same people, day after day. We are repeating history, the French Revolution, “Let them eat bread” is happening again. Guess it’s survival of the fittest here. Such a shame on Fairmont.

Karen Jean Smith