North Union puts funds at ready

ARMSTRONG – The North Union School Board has approved a five-year instructional support levy.

“The base amount we can spend per year per student is $6,121,” explained North Union Superintendent Matt Berninghaus. “This levy allows us to go up to 10 percent above that.”

The levy is a combination of local property taxes and surtaxes for the next five years.

A second public hearing held by the school board this week involved a whole-grade sharing agreement with North Kossuth.

“It’s pretty much the same as what we have, except the changes are from Armstrong-Ringsted and Sentral and North Kossuth to North Union and North Kossuth,” Berninghaus said. “Once approved, it will be good for five years, then go annually.”

The new sharing agreement will take effect for the 2014-15 school year.

There was no public input on either the instructional levy or sharing agreement. In fact, no citizens attended the school board meeting.

“I think the community sees how things are working now, and it’s not really changing that much,” Berninghaus said.

The updated whole-grade sharing agreement likely will be approved by the board on Dec. 16.

In other news, citizens will face a special election in February to vote on a physical plant and equipment levy increase at North Union.

Berninghaus said Armstrong-Ringsted has a $1.34 PPEL while Sentral has a 67-cent PPEL. North Union hopes to get the $1.34 maximum.

“Just because we get the maximum doesn’t mean that’s what we’ll use,” Berninghaus noted.

He added that more information and the language that will appear on the ballot will be released within the month.