Local woman raising funds for storm victims

FAIRMONT – As the world watched one of the most powerful storms on record strike the Philippines on Friday, a Fairmont woman feared for her family members there.

“I am just so hurt,” said Leonora Chadderdon, owner and operator of Leonora’s Men and Women’s Beauty Salon downtown.

Super Typhoon Haiyan, with winds of 195 mph, slammed into the Philippines early Friday morning. By the afternoon, Chadderdon learned that all of her family members were accounted for, but their homes were destroyed.

“I had contact with my sister, but the connection was poor; the phone just got fixed,” Chadderdon said of her siblings in Manila. “The roof to their house is gone. There are shelters they could go to, but they don’t want to go because there are too many people there already.”

Chadderdon learned a mango tree had fallen on her brother’s house, and the homes of some of her nieces and nephews on the Leyte and Mindanao islands were destroyed.

“They were already affected by rain, and my nephews are tricycle drivers,” she said. “They had already been out of work for a week before this hit.”

In order to help, Chadderdon is offering her salon services all next week and sending all of the proceeds to her family members in the Philippines.

“I am lucky I am here and have a good life in America,” Chadderdon said. “I am the only one who can help them.”

Chadderdon has helped her family before when disaster has hit the Philippines, and the community has helped her do so.

“When there was a landslide, there was an article written, and I had about 60 people call for services to help,” she said. “Some didn’t even ask for services and gave donations that were very generous. But I will do this to help my family for all of next week.”

Appointments with Chadderdon can be made by calling (507) 238-9606.