Truman voters OK upgrades

TRUMAN – Voters at Truman Schools approved a $1.25 million referendum Tuesday.

With a vote of 199 supporting the measure and 105 against, the referendum will infuse funds over a 10-year period to improve facilities and update technology and equipment for students, staff and community residents.

The school board has drafted a tentative timetable itemizing projects and estimated costs for each year of the referendum’s 10-year duration. All projects will be reviewed and re-evaluated by the board on an annual basis.

An average of $125,000 will be available each year for projects, including about $36,000 annually for tech support services; subscription for an anti-virus/Internet filter; and mechanical system maintenance and efficiency upgrades.

Other projects include:

o Year 1 (2014-15) – Replacement of 30 student computers and 18 teacher computers; upgrade the wireless system; upgrade weathered section of the playground; sidewalk replacement adjacent to First Street and the elementary entry; handrails at the elementary gym steps; replacing gym ceiling fans and showerheads in the girls locker room; purchase of a walk-behind floor scrubber.

o Year 2 (2015-16) – Roof replacement in the shop and music room area; purchase of 20 tablets for classroom use; chimney repair; replace water coolers and the main computer server.

o Year 3 (2016-17) – Replacement of seven office computers, east side basement windows and the air handler in the gym ventilation system; renovation of bathrooms on the first floor of the high school for handicap accessibility.

o Year 4 (2017-18) – Replacement of the locker room roof and LCD projectors; continued bathroom renovations for handicap accessibility.

o Year 5 (2018-19) – Replacement of hallway ceilings and lighting, plus sensors; continued bathroom upgrades in the high school and elementary.

o Year 6 (2019-20) – Purchase of 30 tablets for classroom use; roof replacement in the cafeteria and mechanical room; upgrade the telephone system.

o Year 7 (2020-21) – Roof replacement in the lower elementary and activity area; half of the cost of tuck-pointing (masonry restoration).

o Year 8 (2021-22) – Replace ceilings and lighting in elementary classrooms; half of the cost of tuck-pointing (masonry restoration).

o Year 9 (2022-23) – Replacement of the gym roof.

o Year 10 (2023-24) – Replace ceilings and lighting in the high school classrooms.