City, car dealership rightly work together

The city of Fairmont is getting a bargain by teaming up with Fairmont Ford to clean up and revitalize some property next to the car dealership. The City Council on Monday approved a $10,650 outlay to help demolish a former nursing home at 233 S. Dewey St.

Fairmont Ford is pitching in twice that amount for demolition. In addition, it is planning to use the nearby former Denny’s General Wholesale site for storage, while considering a potential expansion into the site.

All of this involves several good outcomes. If buildings are left vacant and become dilapidated, that is the definition of blight. That hurts property values and means the city generates less property tax income. Fairmont sets aside money each year to demolish eyesores around town. If and when it can work with a neighboring property owner, then both parties benefit.

Yes, Fairmont Ford benefits too. But that’s great. We should all want local businesses to thrive and expand. Those who suggest some kind of favoritism should remember the incentives the city offers to other business to come to town or expand. And they should remember the property tax dollars that Fairmont Ford has paid into city coffers for decades.