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We hope they reach out

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. This year in Minnesota, 36 people have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence. We hope citizens are aware of the problem, but more importantly we hope that those who are victims will take that first but crucial step, come forward and get the help they need and deserve.

Domestic violence occurs repeatedly because those who suffer its effects feel alone, ashamed and afraid. We hope they reach out to family, friends or police, or call the local crisis line at (800) 333-3983.

Rare award deserved

We congratulate Dave Kropp, a former 3M employee who this week received the company’s Community Volunteer Award for all the good things he does in the Fairmont area. The award is a rare honor, going to just 25 of 3M’s 88,000 employees, plus retirees, from around the world.

Kropp helps many groups, from the Salvation Army, to the American Cancer Society, to his church, to the Red Cross and others. He does it all quietly, with the attitude that he has time to help so he might as well use it productively. That is a great model not only for a volunteer, but for a human being.

School weighs future

Truman Public Schools deserves kudos for gettings its financial house in order. An audit this week revealed the district had a positive fund balance of $129,000. This follows a 14-year stretch in which the district has usually been in debt.

While the news is good, there remain some tough issues for the school system, such as a dramatic drop in enrollment. Its facilities also need repairs. That issue goes to voters in November.

Truman is looking for ways to cooperate with neighboring schools to share programs and staff. That is to its credit.

Merger could be good

Fairmont Area Schools, along with Blue Earth Area, is considering joining a new athletic conference. Activities directors, coaches and superintendents have been working to put together a deal that would merge the South Central and Southwest conferences.

Fairmont’s activities director is touting the merger as a good opportunity, one that will not negatively impact Fairmont because of the school district’s central location among the merged schools.

The issue will soon go to the school board for consideration. We hope citizens with questions or concerns will let board members know what they are thinking.