Klobuchar steps into Senate leadership role

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, earned some time in the spotlight recently for her role in helping bring to an end the federal government shutdown. She is part of the Group of 14, a centrist coalition in the U.S. Senate. It put together a deal to restart the government, raise the debt ceiling and commit to future negotiations about longstanding fiscal issues, such as the nation’s debt, its annual deficit and the long-term liabilities facing programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

We believe Sen.?Klobuchar is doing a good job. She is a calm, thoughtful leader in a place – Washington – that tends to foster and reward the opposite. The political parties are ideologically driven, while Klobuchar is seeking ways to govern. She is solution-focused, given her assumption that certain government functions are necessary and are going to continue well into the future.

Now, we are sure that we don’t agree with her on the scope and size of government. But given the divisions in the country over how much the federal government can and should do, we are sure that lawmakers such as Klobuchar can help forge compromises that everyone can live with, at least until the next election, when voters are free to choose one party or the other. Even then, in the minority or majority, Klobuchar can be relied on to communicate and work with lawmakers of all stripes. Beyond short-term politics, we think she can lend a hand to sorting out the longer-term problems previously noted. Doing so would be great for national confidence, and that could help drive better times.