Nothing ‘clean’ about bill to re-start spending

After weeks of demanding a “clean” federal spending bill, President Barack Obama and liberals in Congress last week agreed to one loaded with billions of dollars in special interest spending. The law, used to end the partial shutdown of government services, was anything but “clean.”

But the measure was lacking one provision that had been sought by conservatives, with broad support from the American people.

It had been suggested members of Congress, their staffs and appointed officials in the government should not receive taxpayer-subsidized health insurance. Currently, they can get as much as $11,000 worth of help each year.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of other Americans will be forced by Obamacare to cover our own premiums or pay hefty penalty taxes.

The subsidies remain in effect, after Obama and liberal lawmakers signaled they would accept all sorts of amendments to a spending bill, but not one to kill the subsidies.

A “clean” bill? What do you think?