J&R Drug closing up, over time

FAIRMONT – Friday is the last day J&R Drug will be filling prescriptions.

The Fairmont pharmacy is transferring its operations to Shopko, confirmed owner Ramona Marcovich.

“We are closing,” she said, “however, the flower shop will continue.”

Though she couldn’t elaborate on the details, Ramona said J&R has several new things planned for after the first of the new year.

Located at 107 Downtown Plaza, the site has long served the community as a pharmacy. Ramona and Jim Marcovich, co-owner and head pharmacist, purchased the establishment in 1977 from Jim Gardner, who took over the business in 1944 from Canright Pharmacy.

In addition to the pharmacy, other parts of the establishment will close, but not all at once.

The reason for the closure is simple, according to Ramona Marcovich.

“We want to retire,” she said.

There are mixed emotions though.

“I know it’s trite,” she said, holding back tears, “but we will miss all the people. That’s what everybody says, but it’s true.”

The floral shop will have a new phone number after Friday: (507) 235-9856.