Winnebago memorial to undergo more work

WINNEBAGO – Mistakes happen, and the ones carved in stone on the Veterans Memorial in Winnebago will be corrected in the future, said Jerry Johannsen, one of the organizers of the memorial.

On the showcase stone, which is shaped like the state of Minnesota, the “V” and “I” were transposed in the word “service.” On another stone that lists the names of people who served in the military, one veteran’s name is misspelled.

Both stones will be removed, probably after Veterans Day, Johannsen said. The memorial was dedicated in August.

The face of the stones must be polished down, then Blue Earth Monument will re-engrave the monuments. For the Minnesota stone, that means the scene on the top portion will have to be re-engraved by the original artist, as well.

Johannsen expects the job will take 30 to 40 days.

Getting the stones back in place isn’t the end, he promised.

Landscaping is scheduled for the spring when the weather is better for planting, and Johannsen has 30 additional veterans’ names to add to the memorial.

Inclusion in the Winnebago Veterans Memorial is open to any veteran, living or deceased, who was honorably discharged from any branch of service and has ties to Winnebago. The cost to add a name to the memorial is $200, according to information on the city’s website, There is no charge for those killed in action.

The site currently features six stones: the showcase stone engraved with the emblems of the different military branches; four stones engraved with the names of those who served; and one stone for Gold Star recipients, for veterans who died in service.

For anyone wanting to put a veteran’s name on the fifth name stone, paperwork is available at Winnebago city hall, Johannsen said.

In spite of the mistakes, Johannsen is proud of how the memorial has turned out.

“We’ve heard a lot of praise for how nice it looks,” he said.