There’s more to story

To the Editor:

Frankly, the Fairmont airport’s new management “model” is severely flawed.

I’ll explain. The two airports used in city administrator Mike Humpal’s research do not have demographics that mirror that of Fairmont’s airport or its general population.

That said, however, Albert Lea, only 55 miles east, has twice the based aircraft and a greater general population. Estherville, Iowa, about 34 miles west-southwest, also has airport and general population demographics very close to that of Fairmont’s.

There’s more. Decorah, Pella, Oskaloosa and Keokuk, Iowa, ALL have airport and FBO managers in “dual” role capacities. Not one of them have exclusive city-dedicated airport managers.

Concerned or curious citizens of Fairmont might read “Airport Management – Gate Keeper or FBO Business Builder” by Mike Dempsey of Sioux Falls. He is a professional aviation business consultant and corporate pilot for Billion Auto Group at

This might help in making sense out of the city’s airport quandary.

Rod Beck,

general aviation

business consultant

Dover, Del.