Et Cetera …

Educational and fun

We thought it was pretty cool that students from area parochial schools got the chance this week to study forensic evidence, as a Science Museum of Minnesota program visited Martin Luther High School.

Students conducted various analyses – fingerprints, DNA, identifying poisons – to help solve a pair of “crimes.”

We hear a lot in today’s world about the need for kids to take more interest in math and science, as the United States tries to stay competitive internationally. We think the Science Museum’s program helps.

Well, it’s something

Obamacare, the new national health care law, is a burdensome nightmare for individuals and businesses. It is slowing economic growth and forcing businesses to put off hiring, or to cut their workers’ hours. Individuals face a costly new mandate to buy insurance. Young people will be especially hard hit.

There was one small sliver of sunshine this week: Minnesota boasts the lowest average premiums on three types of health plans offered. As uninsured Minnesotans weigh their options, they at least will know their state has done the best in giving them less-costly choices than elsewhere. It’s something.

President is just wrong

Some things should be stated, simply and honestly. So, we must note this week that President Obama is wrong – just plain wrong – when it comes to understanding gun rights and trying to implement gun law changes to stop mass shootings, such as the recent one at the Washington Navy Yard.

Obama wants “transformation” in the nation’s attitude about guns. Then he should transform his own. Gun laws do not work. The president is smart enough to know it, but too stubborn to accept it.

Citizens stay focused

We congratulate the citizens group Focus on Fairmont for maintaining its energy and working on solutions to local problems. Working with the city, the group has helped draft a possible rental ordinance. It now also has turned its attention to making Blue Earth Avenue more beautiful, to present Fairmont in a positive light to those who live here and to visitors.

There are good people involved with this group, and we would encourage others interested in boosting the quality of life here to consider attending a meeting. They are held at noon on the last Thursday of the month at Southern Minnesota Educational Campus.