Bit of Broadway coming to FOH

FAIRMONT – Musical theater gets a kick in the pants when The Broadway Boys take the Fairmont Opera House stage at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

“We take traditional musical theater tunes and add elements of pop, rock, funk, Gospel, jazz and Latin,” said Jesse Nager, the group’s artistic director and sometimes-performing member.

“This show is exciting whether you know Broadway material or don’t know Broadway material,” he said. “It’s a great introduction to show tunes for people who aren’t necessarily listening to it.”

Their repertoire includes songs from “42nd Street,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Wicked,” “Rent,” “Hair” and “Crazy for You.”

“I’m a Broadway baby,” Nager said. “What I love about Broadway is it can have all different kinds of music. Broadway isn’t a genre of music; it’s a venue for music.”

The group features a rotating cast who have experience in different Broadway shows.

“They were all raised on different kinds of music,” Nager said, including Latin, church and rock ‘n’ roll. “It’s cool they all ended up on Broadway and all get to do their own thing in the show.”

There’s everything from groovy dancing stuff, older boy bands, Jackson 5 medley, Four Seasons, and contemporary dancing as well, he said.

The singers can belt it out a cappella or be joined by a full band with piano, bass, guitar and drums.

The group formed in 2004 as a way for the members to perform the songs they loved, the way they loved them. They started off playing in New York City and gained fame throughout New England. Now they tour the country. The show in Fairmont was squeezed into a schedule that includes Burnsville on Friday and Ottumwa, Iowa, on Saturday.

“It’s a great show for parents to bring their kids to,” Nager said. “I have a little siter who loves my arrangement of ‘Old Devil Moon.'”

“It lets people who listen to musicals hear it in a different way,” Nager said. “It also lets us introduce it to a new generation of musical listeners who aren’t so familiar with show tunes. As audiences get older, we have to nurture the young audience.”

Tickets for Thursday’s show are $20 each and available at the box office or by calling (507) 238-4900 or going online to