Open letter to seniors

To the Editor:

With the opening of another school year, we worry about the challenges that will face our high school seniors as they commence their final year of high school. Like previous generations, you seniors are on a journey and have an opportunity to advance your knowledge, develop your leadership skills, deepen your faith and values, learn from others, develop your social activities and cultivate good friendships.

Your schools and your teachers are skillful in presenting challenges, stretching your mental capacity, and guiding you in the formation of good character. Your teachers will constantly encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to develop a passion that may fit your talents. Your aggressive attempts to make use of these opportunities will make life choices easier when deciding your future work and education.

It’s OK to be different but you must be respectful. Have a wonderful time without engaging in behavior that would place you or others at risk.

Remember you are a member of society and it’s highly important to you and society for your contribution to the human good. Your family will do greater things if you give a willing positive attitude with your contribution. Take advantage with your participation, develop the ability to have good relationships, though some of these relationships will present difficulties. Also, vocation, life and social will present difficult situations whereby skills and experience in relationships will be extremely useful.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of student services like the professionals who are available to you in drug education, school activities and school counselors. They are all eager to help you. Be conscious of the fact that your development will mainly occur on your own. At the end of the day, the account is yours.

Try to earn respect with family and community in general. We are proud of you and amazed at your exceptional talents. You are in a great place and the future is yours.

Good luck and God bless.

Mike Garry