School rightly commits funds to masonry work

Fairmont Area Schools has money set aside, apparently, to repair the weathered joints in the masonry at the junior/senior high school and the elementary building. It’s a big project with a big price tag: $750,000.

According to district officials, there is more than $540,000 now earmarked for the work. The money will come from an asbestos-abatement fund and from another fund set up because the district thought it might owe the state some money. The district’s auditors now believe the best use for these two funds is to commit them to the tuckpointing.

Yes, we agree that it seems the school district seems to “find” funds in this and another instance, after voters approved an operating levy in November 2012.

However, we would suggest citizens keep in mind that the things the district has asked for and undertaken have been wise decisions in the long-term best interests of the school system and its taxpayers. The schools must be upgraded and maintained, and must have adequate funding to operate the classes and programs that parents and students want.

Likewise, repairs to building masonry cannot be put off, unless citizens want to see severe damage to the structures. The $540,000 the district committed this week to the work will not require taxpayers to throw in another dime. The school board has acted appropriately to make wise use of public funds.