Hagedorn seeks Walz’s seat

FAIRMONT – Blue Earth resident Jim Hagedorn was traveling around southern Minnesota on Friday, following up the announcement of his candidacy for Congress with a campaign stop in Fairmont.

Hagedorn is seeking the Republican endorsement to challenge Democrat Tim Walz in the 2014 election. Hagedorn describes the incumbent as siding too often with President Obama.

Other Republicans in the race include state Rep. Mike Benson of Rochester and political newcomer Aaron Miller of Byron. Hagedorn says he will abide by the endorsement process.

While Syria is the current hot topic in the United States – Hagedorn does not support U.S. intervention – that matter is likely to be resolved by the time the 2014 elections are held. Asked about his other priorities, Hagedorn said the United States is on a path to bankruptcy. He supports returning freedoms and responsibilities to states and the people, getting Washington oversight out of their lives. Among other things, he advocates broad-based tax reform, block grants to states, and removing burdensome regulations on businesses and citizens.

“The federal government’s powers are so big and vast that the people of the United States have actually come to fear their government,” he said.

Right at the top of his list is repealing the federal health care law. Of it, he says: “But of all the bad bills, Obamacare is the granddaddy monstrosity of them all.”

Hagedorn made his announcement earlier this week at a rural Good Thunder farm, using the opportunity to argue that Walz does not truly support farmers. Hagedorn said Walz’s votes for Obamacare, EPA regulations, cap-and-trade legislation and new banking regulations do not benefit agriculture.

Ag is where Hagedorn got his start, working with his dad and grandfather on the family grain and hog farm outside Truman. Hagedorn is the son of former Republican Congressman Tom Hagedorn, who represented southern Minnesota from 1974 to 1983.

Jim Hagedorn graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor’s degree in government and politics. He went on to serve as a legislative aide to former Congressman Arlan Stangeland.

From 1991 to 1998, Hagedorn served as director for legislative and public affairs for the Financial Management Service, a U.S. Treasury agency.

Hagedorn later served as congressional affairs officer for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which manufactures U.S. paper currency.

The Hagedorn for Congress website is located at www.jimhagedorn.org