Welcome back to school

To the Editor:

On behalf of the teachers of the Fairmont Area Schools, I would like to say welcome back to you and your children to the 2013-2014 school year. As always, the summer break goes fast but the teachers are rested and ready for the challenges that face them this upcoming school year.

As you realize, there are changes that have been made to your child’s day. At the elementary level, all students will receive breakfast free of charge. This nutritional meal hopefully will help students get energized for a full day of activities in the classroom.

In both buildings, there was a slight change to the starting time for students. The staff will be involved with either before or after school meetings to discuss ideas on how to enhance their program. Time will spent doing research on what teaching methods or strategies are most effective to help with student achievement. These meetings will help us become better teachers and appreciate the time given us to accomplish this task.

We were fortunate to have the Minnesota Commissioner of Education come to Fairmont to visit the staff at the Ed MN Fairmont’s annual fall luncheon. The commissioner is a dynamic, down-to-earth speaker and brings home a powerful message about how we need to and can improve our teaching strategies to help students succeed. She got the staff fired up for the year.

Finally, know that the teachers are here to help/assist you and your children in any way possible. If concerns arise, please contact the teacher directly to help resolve the issue. Sometimes the issue may be a misunderstanding that simply needs clarification from the teacher. We are only a phone call or e-mail away and are here to serve you, the community.

I hope each of you has a good school year. Thanks again for your support this school year.

Bob Millette


Education Minnesota Fairmont