Now, summer blends into fall

FAIRMONT – Although summer doesn’t end until Sept. 21, Labor Day is the dividing line in most people’s minds between summer and autumn, mainly because kids begin school the day after the holiday.

While saying goodbye to summer is difficult, area kids found things to look forward to in the coming season.

Ryan Madetzke of Blue Earth is going to miss baseball, but he and Luke Norman of Blue Earth are looking forward to football.

Football is what Luke Schonborn of Frost is going to miss. As far as what he was looking forward to?

“Nothing – getting my new shoes,” he said.

Luke Norman and Grant Madetzke of Blue Earth say they will miss going to the Putnam Park pool, where they were cooling off on a hot day.

And what was Grant Madetzke looking foward to?

“Winter break,” he said.

Maci Frommie, Madison Dulac, Marianna Rincon and Lilianna Granillo, all of Blue Earth, are going to miss swimming, but each girl is looking forward to something different.

“Sports,” Frommie said.

“School – Mrs. (Robyn) Beach-Olson,” Dulac said.

“I’m looking forward to dance,” Rincon said.

“School – art,” said Lilianna Granillo.

Adrianna Granillo of Blue Earth had a long list.

“I’m gonna miss swimming, hanging out with my friends, and staying up all night,” she said.

But she won’t miss her friends for long.

“Seeing all my friends again and going to school,” is what she is anticipating this fall. “Seeing if we have any new kids this year because we need new kids.”

Taylor Eicholz of Fairmont is going to miss the break from school but is looking forward to soccer.

“Being with friends every day,” is what Jordan Ehlert of Fairmont said she will miss, but she and Alli Lardy of Fairmont are looking forward to volleyball.

Lardy will have to start setting her alarm clock because what she is going to miss the most is “sleeping in.”

Morgan Shriver of Fairmont echoed Ehlert’s sentiments about missing friends and is excited about “the new school system,” she said.

Matthew Stone of Fairmont will miss “having a lot of free time,” but is “looking forward to seeing friends more often.”

“Being able to sit around like a bum,” is what David Stone of Fairmont will miss, but it “will be nice to see friends.”

Latrell Huey of Fairmont said he will miss sleeping, while Daniel Reiter of Fairmont will miss swimming, but he is looking forward to football.

Kysten Zierke of Blue Earth is looking forward to his senior year of school.

Even though summer is nearly over and the kids won’t have as much free time, each new season has something to recommend it for every age group, and before we know it, summer will be here again.