Et Cetera …

Results are troubling

Area schools learned this week how students did on Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests. There is always good and bad in these results, but it is discouraging to see most grade levels in the area failing to meet the state average for percentage of students passing.

We know those working at the schools are frustrated as well. They cannot control every aspect of a child’s life, and there are factors outside of school that contribute to poor tests results. What the public wants to know is that schools are working diligently toward improvement. We believe that is true. Still, the test results do not seem good.

City making a change

The city of Fairmont this week moved forward with a plan to have the municipal airport run by a city employee, rather than work with a contractor. The change seems appropriate.

While we would generally advocate for more government contracts with private entities for the sake of efficiency and cost-savings, the airport seems like it needs a change of pace. What has happened there under a fixed-base operator has been a letdown to its users and to the city at large.

Other city departments – parks, utilities, streets, etc. – are run by directors employed by the city. The change at the airport is in line with this.

Schools still cooperating

It is good to see three northern Iowa school districts in our area looking to maintain their relationship. Two of the schools – Armstrong-Ringsted and Sentral – will be consolidating. The new district they form, North Union, plans to keep working with the third partner, North Kossuth.

School board members from the districts are drafting an agreement that will keep current grade structures and locations. What the schools come up with will advance to public hearings. We hope citizens will continue to support what has been a solid relationship.

‘Buc Bags’ will help kids

Blue Earth Area Schools is working in conjunction with St. Paul Lutheran Church to make sure low-income students get nutritious breakfasts and lunches on the weekends. The “Buc Bags”?program is run on a donation basis.

The idea is that students who do not get proper nutrition on the weekend are not going to feel right as they return to school on Mondays. That hurts learning.

Those wishing to lend a hand to Buc Bags may contact Dan Duden at the church. The number is (507) 526-7318.