What is compelling reason for Syria war?

For many years, former President George W. Bush and his administration have been condemned by many for allegedly going to war against Iraq under false pretenses in 2003. You may remember that an international coalition of nations united against Iraq was formed, based on evidence that country had weapons of mass destruction.

Now some of Bush’s fiercest critics, including President Barack Obama, want the United States to go to war against Syria – possibly alone – based on far less persuasive evidence.

Obama said this week he has “concluded” Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. No specific proof was offered.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says an international coalition against Iraq is envisioned. But Obama said the U.S. may act alone in striking Syria. Waiting for other countries to agree military action is warranted could lead to “paralysis,” some advocates of an attack said.

Good heavens. Were Bush to make such statements, there would be calls for an emergency session of Congress to stop him. Have we learned nothing during the past 10 years?

Obama seems determined to go to war against Syria – and that attitude is as dangerous now as it was a decade ago.