Fairmont Area adds Top 20 training for kids

We see value in Fairmont’s status as the first community in the nation offering training to schools, businesses and community members in the Top 20 program. The Sentinel reported this week on an effort at Fairmont Area Schools to help youth experience empathy, to know their strengths and to weed out negative thoughts from their daily lives.

The goal of what is going on at the school and elsewhere is to create positive, creative habits. At the school, those involved in Top 20 work want to use teachable moments to instruct kids. They want young people to be more than book smart. They want them to be curious, to make smart personal decisions and to know how to interact with others.

Top 20 puts a focus on developing good habits in one’s thinking. Treating people nice, for instance, may be the right thing to do, but all of us come up short. This relates back to how we developed certain habits of thinking that may not have involved the proper tools. Top 20 offers the opportunity to take note of those tools.

We commend those at the school for taking the time to work on ways to incorporate Top 20 concepts into classrooms and the workplace. We’re sure there will be a positive impact.