Celebrating victories

To the Editor:

September is National Recovery Month, and this is definitely something worth advocating for, and celebrating.

I work at the Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago as the outpatient counselor. Prior, I worked in Rochester as an addictions counselor. I know firsthand the power of addiction, how it can destroy not only the addicted person, but the entire family as well. Addiction is a family disease. However, recovery does happen; it is possible.

There are 216 years of sobriety within the staff at ATCW, and this gives hope to young people whose lives have started to get off track. After treatment, these young people need to rely on the support of others in the community to “soldier on” in recovery. When they do, they can lead productive, amazing lives.

People do not need to hide in shame because they have a problem with alcohol or drugs. If they are willing to change, have the courage to step forward and admit they have a problem, and desire help, they are to be commended. That is the purpose of National Recovery Month, to celebrate victories over addiction.

Everyone knows at least someone who has suffered from addiction. Let that person know they are appreciated today. Let them know they matter today.

Tim Volz,

alcohol and drug counselor