Airport is important here

To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to the Fairmont airport. There has been a lot of press about the airport issues recently in the Sentinel. I would like to address why the airport is important to Fairmont’s economic future.

I view the airport as part of the reason that Kahler Automation is here, in that we use the airport every week. We have engineers, technicians and sales people coming and going to and from the airport many times each week. Many times, we arrive at the airport and 15 minutes later you do not know we had been there and left, and it is the same when we return. Our employees like leaving in the morning and returning the same day, where if they used commercial airlines, that same trip would have taken three days.

A business like ours could not really be in Fairmont without an airport. Yes, I am concerned that we continue to have good facilities and management to maintain what we have.

If Kahler was in the Twin Cities, we could use commercial flights but still would face two-day long trips to accomplish what we are able to do from the Fairmont airport in a short time.

Kahler Automation is only one business using the airport in Fairmont. There are other businesses in Fairmont, Blue Earth and Jackson that utilize the Fairmont Airport and spend money buying fuel and services here, along with employing people in the Fairmont area.

My point is that the airport is a vital tool to the economic future of Fairmont and I will go so far as to say that if Fairmont did not have the airport it has, Kahler Automation would be looking elsewhere to locate its corporate headquarters.

Wayne H. Kahler