Et Cetera …

Seems to make sense

The Prairieland waste-processing facility in Truman is considering buying a 240-kilowatt generator to run its grinder during peak electrical loads, i.e. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The generator also could help lower the peak energy usage for the city, which could buy electricity at a lower rate.

Facing some of the highest utilities costs in the state, this matters to Truman residents and to Prairieland. It’s a no-brainer:?the Prairieland board should follow up and see if purchasing a generator would indeed be a boon.

Funds should be there

Blue Earth City Council this week approved a bid for expansion of the Faribault County Fitness Center. The addition is meant to address increasing membership and revamp a layout that doesn’t work well.

While approving the work, the council got tied up on how to pay for it. Revenue bonds would use the facility’s income to pay off the debt. But other council members were not sure that is the best method, and others wanted to delay a decision.

We hope the council realizes that a project like this should pay for itself. Otherwise, the question remains: Why is the city involved?

Mayo takes on reforms

The local Mayo Clinic Health System hospital continues to face penalties for its readmission rates of Medicare patients. The system looks at patients with heart failure, heart attacks and pneumonia within 30 days of discharge.

This news could cause the hospital to crawl into a bunker and hide. That is not what it has done. Instead, it has implemented reforms that involve patient education, nursing interventions and online services, among other things.

Hospital leaders deserve praise for their actions and for their openness.

Other options first

The city of Trimont is facing a massive cleanup bill at the site of the former El Rodeo Restaurant and Bar, a conglomeration of four buildings that burned in April.

Estimates to demolish the site range up to $150,000, given that there is asbestos to dispose of. Trimont’s mayor approached Martin County this week seeking some help with the potential bills. We don’t have a problem with the county possibly helping out, but we agree with Commissioner Dan Schmidtke who hopes the city can track down some other funding options first.