Flower stories from fair

To the Editor:

The City of Lakes of Fairmont did an outstanding job with presenting the Flower Division at the Martin County Fair.

A special thank you to the Sentence to Service crew for the painting it did on the display shelves. There were several comments on how nice the flowers were displayed and on the painted shelving.

The fair had several Junior exhibits entered for the Flower Division, a dramatic increase from last year. The newest entry for the Junior exhibits is the Fairy Garden. I heard a few grandmothers who had brought their grandchildren to show them the Fairy Gardens say, “Maybe we can do one for next year and I can help you.”

I heard stories of heirloom plants and flowers being passed down from one generation to another. The elderly having to leave their gardens; relatives, friends and church-goers being given the plants they had once attended in their own gardens.

The dahlia that won the Class D champion was one of those stories. His wife had passed away and he had to go into a nursing home, so he gave this heirloom bulb to a relative and she entered it into the fair’s flower exhibits.

A peony plant that came here from Sweden and has been shared by dividing and planting it from one family member to another and from one generation to another. They wanted a piece of Sweden to remember their homeland, so they brought a peony plant with them to America.

Another story heard was a woman who had passed away, her daughter took what was in her mother’s garden and shared among the members of her mother’s church so they would have something to remember her mother by. The people have a story to tell while the flowers show their beauty.

The City of Lake Garden Club is available to help you with any questions you may have on what to do to have your entry entered in at the county fair.

Theresa M. Schneider, president

City of Lakes Garden Club