School envisions upgrades

FAIRMONT – Fairmont Area School Board is considering $734,000 in building repairs at the elementary school and high school next summer.

The repairs come in the form of tuckpointing, an ongoing maintenance issue on brick buildings.

Board member Sandy Beckendorf said the board’s operation committee will look for ways to fund the project.

The cost estimate came after the district had the condition of the buildings evaluated with a boring technique that investigated the inner layers of the brick.

“It could have been much more expensive,” she said, “but what is in there is good.”

Superintendent Joe Brown said the repairs will only fix the most damaged areas of the school, and are necessity to keep water from entering and causing mold.

“And that is almost as bad as asbestos,” he said.

Brown said there are funding sources available, and the district is looking into which funds it can use for this capital project.

“We can’t levy money for this,” he said, noting the project has to be done soon. “If it doesn’t get done, it is going to get worse.”

Brown said there are portions of the old section of the elementary school that openly let water in at the windows.

The issue came up during an operations committee report, and no action was taken.