Ceylon needs to get serious about problem

Citizens can easily get frustrated with government, when they see their tax bills or when they see how government wastes countless billions at the federal level. But perhaps the most frustrating thing of all is when government seems unable to do what is supposedly its job.

In Ceylon, people’s frustrations are on the boil because loose, vicious dogs are committing destructive acts and creating fear. One family recently told the City Council that its pet was reduced to a bloody pile after being attacked by neighbors’ dogs. The mayor of Ceylon – yes, the mayor – says he would not walk around town without being armed, because of the dog threat.

Ceylon has no police force or licensed dog catcher. The county sheriff’s office patrols Ceylon but does not transport animals in its squad cars. There are also mixed or conflicting messages coming from local ordinances and state law.

Ceylon’s mayor says it’s going to take a little time to put in place a system to deal with this problem. He may be right, but it would seem an expedited effort is in order. Instead of hemming and hawing or discussing breeds of dogs, the city has to focus on enforcement and safety. If it means spending a little money to crack down on unlicensed dogs, so be it. If it means rounding up dogs at large, hire someone. Once careless dog owners get the message that they can’t just do what they want – and once their dogs are captured and in the pound – things will change.

In the end, the answer to all this can be summed up in a question: Who runs Ceylon – law-abiding citizens or the animals?