We hope fresh vision can, will be implemented

The pilots and businesses that use the Fairmont airport and the city, which owns and operates it, are talking. Fruitfully, it seems. This is good.

A public forum held at the airport this week brought everyone together to look at ways to make the facility shine. The meeting came in the wake of the city deciding to fire the company managing the airport, for a variety of reasons.

One person who spoke up did make it clear that the airport advisory board has not been doing its job well enough. We have suggested the same. But city leaders also were right to keep the discussion moving forward, rather than looking back. This is a moment, an opportunity in time, to rethink airport operations and to move in a positive direction.

Suggestions by pilots include better professionalism at the airport, as well as better services. Overall, the idea is to make the airport a welcoming, quality operation. Some also suggested that the local populace be kept up to date about the value of the facility: Local corporations utilize the facility every week, and might not even be here without the air access.

By the end of the meeting it seemed most, if not all, involved were on the same page, envisioning changes to restore faith in airport operations. We hope everyone who sees this future will help make it become a reality.