Truman may revamp recycling

TRUMAN – Truman City Council is considering getting the town out of the recycling business after hearing a presentation by Martin and Faribault County solid waste coordinator Billeye Rabbe.

Rabbe discussed the county’s mixed recyclable program offered through Hometown Sanitation.

If Truman opted in to the county program, residents would be provided a 32- or 65-gallon barrel for recyclables, which would be picked up twice per month.

City clerk Monte Rohman said Truman is interested in the program because it would then no longer be responsible for managing recycling. Truman residents currently are billed on their utility statements at a rate of $2.75 per month. Waste Management collects the recycling. Its contract with the city expires Nov. 1.

Joining the county program would switch the bill from the utility statement to the property tax statement at a rate of $3.42 per month, or $41 per year.

Truman has struggled for years to get residents to take part in recycling. The fee for service would be charged to each of the nearly 500 households, regardless of whether they actually recycle anything.

Mayor Lynn Brownlee hopes residents will be more likely to participate in recycling if they do not have to sort recyclables, as they do now.

Rabbe said cities and townships in the county were given the options in the early 1990s to have residents bring their recyclables to a drop site; manage their own program, as Truman did; or go with the county.

The county program was designed so cities could opt in at any time. The county contract with Hometown Sanitation expires in 2018.

Rabbe said many people are unsure if they will be able to fill the recycling container when it first arrives.

“Some were surprised at how fast they can fill this size container,” she said.

The council did not take action on the presentation, but agreed to discuss it again at the next meeting.