Benson event a success

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to thank those who helped bring the Benson Family Singers to Fairmont this past Saturday. First of all, thanks to Grace Lutheran Church for being gracious hosts and to the members for their attendance. Thanks to Roger Moeller for his help with the sound system and Pastor Steve Berkeland for help getting the family situated. Thanks to Songquest quartet for helping with the free-will offering as well as Kate Hawkins and Mary Abel for their help with the pre-performance meal for the Bensons.

The attendance was superb and included a number of past barbershop friends, high-school friends and teachers from the New Richland area and some relatives of the Bensons. On behalf of the Benson family, Pete Benson wants to extend his appreciation for the wonderful, generous and gracious audience. You made them feel highly welcomed.

As the kids get older, it will be fun to see how this ministry develops. So I’m sure we will have them back again in the future. Thanks to all.

Tom Hawkins