Research before judging

Letter to the Editor:

This is in response to the Wednesday editorial concerning whether or not to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. I’m a 5-time cancer survivor. The multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments I had left me with severely debilitating nausea. During one round of radiation I lost 34 pounds in 35 days, unable to keep down even water. Anti-nausea medications were not effective. I beg the legislature to please give their utmost effort in considering passing this law.

The argument that it would be allowing a drug that is considered illegal to be used is valid, however, people of Minnesota must also understand that the drug would be available only by prescription issued by a physician who has deemed that its use would benefit the patient. The drug would only be able to be purchased through a pharmacy, and would be regulated by law.

There are thousands of people in Minnesota who are being treated not only for cancer, but also MS and glaucoma who would find great relief from symptoms of their diseases. I would encourage anyone who has questions concerning how this is working in the states that already have this law to do some research before making any judgements.

Kathie Childs

Fairmont, MN