Et Cetera …

An interesting concept

Bringing together troubled boys and dogs in need of rescue sounds like an excellent way for both to have brighter futures. A husband and wife plan to make this effort in Granada, utilizing a former church.

The concept is for the boys to work with the dogs, taking care of them on a daily basis, as the boys also go to school and work on their behavior issues.

The couple putting together the plan first must raise some funds for renovations. Anyone interested in helping may call Brenda Duncan at (507) 236-7331.

Things don’t look good

Not surprisingly, given the nation’s political climate, Congress is tied up in knots over immigration reform, the farm bill and student loan interest rates. It’s hard to imagine how any of these issues gets resolved.

Fundamentally, our representatives have gone from disagreeing on the issues to not even speaking the same language about them. This goes beyond partisan politics. It is a disconnect of understanding, of core views and of any willingness to find common ground.

Such deep divisions put the future of democracy on the hot seat.

Bridge just about ready

The Lair Road bridge project in Fairmont did not happen without some controversy. It involved tearing through Gomsrud Park, removing trees in the process. It also involved a shift of the bridge and roadway to the north of its previous location.

However, what has resulted is a safe, beautiful structure, and a wider channel for boaters to pass underneath. The bridge and roadway will serve the community – and visitors – for decades to come.

We know local residents are now looking forward to the bridge opening.

Check out the festivals

Summer fun continues in the Fairmont area. We hope residents get out to enjoy their town festivals, and also consider straying from home to see what their neighboring communities have to offer.

This weekend includes Blue Earth’s Giant Days and Trimont’s FunFest. Welcome hosts its annual summer get-together on the weekend of July 20, while Truman Days will be held the weekend of July 27. And, of course, there are fairs coming up in Faribault and Martin counties.

So, gather up a few friends, take a drive and check out a festival or two. You might have a good time, or even meet new and interesting people.