College appreciates help

To the Editor:

The 2013 Mardi Gras generated more than $14,400 for this scholarship.

Congrats to the following Presentation College students who will benefit from this special night: Kelly Hempeck, Erin Determan, Jenna Johnston, Kacey Kasel, Coryn Kluender, Naomi Posivio, Kristine Jarvis, and Christina Anderson. The students are appreciative of this fundraising effort as it definitely assists them while attending Presentation College Fairmont Campus.

Also, Presentation College is celebrating 10 years in Fairmont. Thank you to all who attended our picnic in SMEC’s parking lot June 6. Despite the colder weather, it was a great turnout. More than $700 was raised to go toward the 2014 Mardi Gras scholarship. Presentation College is grateful for the continued support from this special community.

Presentation College is looking forward to another successful Mardi Gras scholarship event in 2014. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend on Saturday, Feb. 15. 2014.

Scholarships do contribute to Presentation College’s recruitment and retention efforts. Presentation College’s continued growth is beneficial to this area.

Thanks so much for your collaboration and patronage.

Traci Lardy, director

Presentation College

Fairmont Campus