New taxes have arrived

To the Editor:

All hard-working Minnesotans can now expect to pay more of their hard-earned money to state government. As of July 1, dozens of new tax and fee increases approved by legislative Democrats and Gov. Mark Dayton have been implemented.

Every taxpayer will help contribute $2.1 billion to Minnesota’s government over the next two years thanks to the unneeded tax and fee increases. This revenue is needed because Democrats permanently increased spending on wasteful government programs by more than $3 billion last session.

Here is a partial list of the tax increases, many of which went into effect July 1:

o Cigarette tax hike of $1.60 per pack

o New fourth tier income tax (second highest in the country), retroactive to January 2013, resulting in a 25 percent tax increase for some small businesses

o Expansion of sales tax to Internet purchases

o Expansion of sales tax to DirectTV and Dish Network

o Expansion of sales tax to IT services

o New tax on health insurance premiums to pay for state Health Insurance Exchange

o New tax on farm equipment repairs

o New estate tax that will hit some farmers, making it more difficult to keep the family farm

o Increased tax on rental cars

o Driver’s license fee increase

o Motor vehicle sales tax increase on certain vehicles

o A new gift tax

o New county wheelage tax on every vehicle your family owns

Remember how the Democrats promised they were only going to raise taxes on the rich if they took control of the Legislature??Even Gov. Dayton’s own revenue department found that Minnesotans in all income levels will pay more due to these tax and fee increases. The Democrats couldn’t help themselves this session when it came to wasting your tax money, and now every hard-working Minnesotan is helping pay off their greed.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,