Obama should appoint more of these watchdogs

Among the true heroes of public service are men and women serving in government inspector generals’ offices. They root out waste and wrongdoing, bringing it to taxpayers’ attention. Without them, heaven only knows how much more of our money would be flushed down ratholes in Washington and state capitals.

But while President Barack Obama is eager to use illegal tactics such as recess appointments to fill positions in pet agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board, he has left many inspector general positions vacant.

Inspectors general are lacked at the Cabinet departments of State, Defense, Interior, Labor, Homeland Security and at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Some of the agencies, including the State Department, have operated without inspector general oversight for five years.

It isn’t that Congress objects to the inspectors general. In fact, 14 senators of both parties have signed a letter to Obama asking him to fill the vacant positions.

Why doesn’t Obama want the critical, powerful agencies involved to be subjected to inspector general watchdogs? Is he afraid of what they will uncover?