Et Cetera …

Drug court leads way

We congratulate Faribault, Martin and Jackson County drug court for earning a stellar reputation, leading to its being named one of 10 mentor drug courts in the country. That means other counties will be looking to the local drug court to see how things are done right.

We believe drug court has shown its value in taking people who would otherwise face punishment and getting them the treatment they need. These people must prove their seriousness by staying sober or they go right back into the regular court system. Drug court works and, given the new status of the local version, it works great here.

Obamacare is disaster

The news this week was full – again – of woes related to Obamacare

o The feds have given employers another year before they must offer medical coverage to workers or pay a fine. Businesses said more time is essential to understand the law and how to deal with it.

o Nearly two in three uninsured low-income people who could get subsidized coverage under the law may not, because their states will not expand Medicaid.

o Iowa’s leading health insurer – Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield – is not jumping into the state’s new insurance “market.” It has wisely decided to wait.

None of this is surprising. Obamacare is a complicated, burdensome nightmare. It should be repealed – still.

Abortion numbers fall

Abortions are down slightly in Minnesota, from 11,000 in 2011 to 10,700 in 2012. While that is modestly good news, the real success is that abortions among teens have fallen by half in the past five years, from 2,137 in 2007 to 1,229 in 2012.

Regardless of which side one stands on in the abortion debate, we can all agree that falling rates are better than the alternative. The decline may be due to some pregnant women choosing to give birth. Better use of birth control is likely a big factor.

President Bill Clinton used to talk about creating a society in which abortions are legal, safe and rare. With the first two being true, we hope the third continues to become a reality.