‘Chew on This’ offers defense of agriculture

People who live in rural areas have access to everything their metro cousins do – television, the Internet, books, movies, newspapers, etc. So while the notion of the “country bumpkin” may be fun for city dwellers to toss around, the truth is that rural residents know plenty about the world, even if big city life does not appeal to them.

On the other hand, we’re not so sure our metro cousins know much about rural life. Ask them where their food comes from and you might get the line about the grocery store. In modern America, just 2 percent of the population is involved in farming. Everybody else – some more than others – is removed from process that puts eggs, bread, bacon, fruit, steak, turkey, rice, vegetables and soy products, among others, on the table.

So we appreciate the “Chew on This” tour that passed through the Fairmont area this week. The tour travels across the country, informing people about modern farming and its role in feeding the world. The tour tackles misconceptions, boosting the morale of those with links to agriculture while countering the sometimes hysteric attacks on the industry.

We’d encourage those who have seen the presentation – or those who just know about agriculture – to speak up the next time they hear farming attacked. No industry is without controversy, and there is always room for improvement. But, overall, the people in farming are honorable and doing vital work. We thank them.