Donors aid disaster victims

To the Editor:

Many faithful and generous donors turned out to donate blood at the June Bloodmobile in Fairmont this past week.

A total of 353 units were collected during the three-day event.

Lowell Spee earned an award for having given a whopping 14 gallons, while Janet Shinsky and David Johnson received recognition for giving 12 and 10 gallons, respectively.

We appreciate the fine service we received from the staff at Green Mill, Holiday Inn. We continue to enjoy the use of this fine facility for our blood drives, at no cost to the Red Cross.

We want to thank Valerie Hooper and the Beta Sigma Phi sorority for their generous supply of snacks.

Thanks go to the greeters and canteen workers for their faithful service for the event.

Hats off to Bruce Peters and the Peters Insurance Agency; John McDonald; Kyle Rededius and the Sentence To Serve troops; and Byron and Becky Phillips, for their continued support of this worthy event.

Mark and Bonnie Johnson,

volunteer coordinators

American Red Cross