Et Cetera …

Check out festivals

It’s finally starting to feel like summer, given warmer weather, more sunshine and the start of the festival season around the area. Lewisville is holding its Fun Daze this weekend; Granada will celebrate 125 years next weekend.

Fairmont will be bustling today as Interlaken Heritage Days takes place throughout the city. We encourage area residents to stop by Sylvania Park, Red Rock Center or downtown Fairmont, among other venues, to take part.

A full story on IHD?appeared in Monday’s Sentinel. A sponsored full list of events for IHD?appeared Thursday. Check them out, then head out to have some fun.

Trying to save program

Kudos to Tech Builders of Fairmont for seeking a way to save Fairmont Area Schools’ building trades class. The company has offered to act as general contractor for a local Housing and Redevelopment Authority project, bringing in the students as sub-contractors.

Students would then be able to continue their on-the-job learning of carpentry, dry wall and other construction work. Professionals would handle the electrical wiring and plumbing.

Tech Builders is taking its inspiration for this move from the school’s privately funded ag program, showing that good ideas spark others.

Employee earns honor

Customer service is a critical factor in the long-term survival of any business. It consists of treating people with respect and care, making sure they are being heard and then responding to their needs.

It’s not always easy, of course. “The customer is always right” is a neat phrase but not a reality. So workers who utilize tact and fairness are essential.

We are impressed then with Dave Curtis of Mayo Clinic Health System, Fairmont, who this week won a rare award in the Mayo system, recognizing his efforts as a valet. We wish him continued success.